Quote | Aucoin :: The Boston Globe

What an actor of Will Lyman’s stature brings to any given role is more than talent; more, even than the craft learned and honed during a lifetime on the stage.

What Lyman also brings is that ineffable, you-know-it-when-you-see-it quality known as presence.

Don Aucoin | The Boston Globe | Review of

‘Beckett in Brief’

Quote | Rosenberg :: LA Times

No one quite ranks with Lyman as a narrator. As an authoritative off-camera voice, the man’s a rocket, an  audio auteur. No telling the number of documentaries I’ve watched while thinking how much better they would be were Lyman the narrator. He and his tubes are that good, his sense of pitch and instinct for the moment flawless. Not one misplaced vibrato. TV’s finest narrator.

Howard Rosenberg | The Los Angeles Times